DSA-R Organization


This initiative is led by Program Manager: John de Wardt (DE WARDT AND COMPANY), with support from Deputy Program Manager Ed Tovar (InTechSys).


The committee covers the spectrum of expertise envisaged in the roadmapping initiative including key players from brand name companies. Members: Mark Andersen (Shell), Eric Cayeux (IRIS), Amanda DiFiore (AMD Consulting), Blaine Dow (Schlumberger), Clay Flannigan (SWRI), Slim Hbaieb (Schlumberger), Calvin Inabinett (Independent), Moray Laing (SAS / SPE DSATS), Terry Loftis (Transocean / IADC ART), Robin Macmillan (NOV / IADC ART), John Macpherson (Baker Hughes / SPE DSATS), Bob Moran (Halliburton), Randy Mutch (Ensign), Lindsay Voss (AUVSI), Mario Zamora (Consultant).


Significant standing and history in automation systems transformations. John Berra — Past Chairman Emerson Process Management; Eric Nettleton — formerly Rio Tinto; Thomas B Sheridan – Professor Emeritus MIT.


Multiple institutions are joined this endeavor though affiliation creating a broad footprint of connectivity. Currently affiliated to SPE [DSATS], IADC [ART] and AUVSI.

Challenge Development Teams

Committee members are leading these teams, they include a larger cross section of expertise bringing immense fire power to this process. The teams provide direct input to develop the roadmap challenges. Information to join is included on back page.