DSA-R Report

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Report

The Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) Roadmap Report is a first of its kind in the oil and gas drilling industry. The purpose of this report is to describe a vision for DSA and the steps that may be taken to move the industry forward and to affordably achieve this vision. Delivering on the promise of DSA requires a roadmap to describe the interrelations within a complex operation and to show how those interrelations can be advanced to deliver value.

Latest Version – V 19 05 31

Section 1 of 14 – Overview & Executive Summary

Section 2 of 14 – Introduction, Process & Scope

Section 3 of 14 – Vision & Needs

Section 4 of 14 – Current State / Future State 2025

Section 5 of 14 – Systems Architecture

Section 6 of 14 – Communications

Section 7 of 14 – Sensors, Instrumentation & Measurement

Section 8 of 14 – Drilling Machines & Equipment

Section 9 of 14 – Control Systems

Section 10 of 14 – Modelling and Simulations

Section 11 of 14 – Human Systems Integration

Section 12 of 14 – Standards & Certification

Section 13 of 14 – Contingency Management

Section 14 0f 14 – Summary Observations

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Version 19 05 31

Revised and updated throughout, technical editor review. Released to public as Phase II Stage II report.

Version 17 04 06

Phase II Stage I report issued to JIP funders only –  April 2017.


“I would like to thank the steering committee, the advisors and the sub groups for donating their time and knowledge to this excellent resource for anyone entering into the technology adventure of DSA. I highly commend this report for its exploration of what is an evolving technology development of crucial importance to our industry.

John de Wardt, CEng, FIMechE, DE WARDT AND COMPANY