Is the DSA Roadmap a SPE DSATS product?

No: it was launched as a stand-alone industry initiative to enable affiliation with multiple organizations (IADC, SPE, AUVSI, SWRI, Energistics, OPC Foundation) and not be locked into one alone. SPE DSATS is one of these six affiliates.

Is this DSA Roadmap prescribing the future industry direction?

No: this roadmap was designed to map the anticipated future direction of the industry combined with significant knowledge sharing on important related technologies.

Will the DSA Roadmap need updating?

Yes: the Sandia National Laboratories process recommends updating on a regular cycle to capture actual developments and re-project the future. The frequency for the DSA Roadmap update is anticipated to be every 2 to 5 years subject to resourcing and funding.

How much did the DSA Roadmap cost to develop?

A lot: The total combined cost of, John de Wardt’s volunteered time, the volunteered time of 50 experts across the globe and the 25 Joint Industry Project (JIP) funder contributions has been summed at $800,000. This does not include the value of the knowledge all of these experts put into the report which is over and above this figure.

What can I do with feedback I have on this DSA Roadmap Report?

Respond: go to the contact us page and send us your feedback. Please be very specific as to which section and which page you are making comments on.