Available Presentations

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Industry Presentations

These presentations are released for reference.

Human Systems Integration – Key Enabler for Improved Driller Performance and Successful Automation Application Ft Worth, March 2016

Systems Architecture and Operations States for Drilling and Completion: The Foundation to Real Performance Measurement and Drilling Systems Automation Ft Worth, March 2016

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap – The Means to Accelerate Adoption; London, March 2015

Drilling Systems Automation, Preparing for the Big Jump Forward;  Amsterdam,  March 2013

Automating Directional Drilling: Technology Adoption Staircase Mapping Levels of Human Interaction; Dallas, September 2018

DSA Roadmap Releases

These products are released for reference.

Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Poster Ft Worth, March 2016,

Decision Framework DSA – R Poster Ft Worth, March 2016