Joint Industry Project

Joint Industry Project: JIP 1 funded / JIP 2 funded

An industry approved (IADC Drilling Engineering Committee) Joint Industry Project (JIP) raised funds to accelerate the delivery of the Phase II Stage I report. This JIP 1 delivered this first in industry roadmap stage I report. The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap was reviewed by JIP funders in a private workshop April 6th 2017. JIP 2 was opened  for new funders to access an early copy of this report in support of updating and executing an industry workshop in the January 2018 and completing the Phase II Stage II report for public release.

JIP 1 (closed to funding) The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap initiative successfully obtained Joint Industry Project (JIP) funding to accelerate delivery of its first major report. The initial funding round (JIP 1) achieved the funding target and the draft report was presented to funding companies at a funders workshop on April 6th 2017.

JIP 2 (closed to funding) The second Joint Industry Project (JIP 2) was opened to funders to support the update of the roadmap report, the planning and facilitation of the industry workshop (January 2018) and completion of the DSA Roadmap / DSABOK for release.

Industry Workshop [January 17 & 18 2018 – Houston, Texas] This industry workshop was the first full industry review / feedback on the DSA Roadmap / DSABOK report. This workshop incorporated break out sessions for participants who became actively involved in discussions and debates on sections of the roadmap providing input to update to the Stage II report. The workshop output and Stage II report were initially only be available to JIP 1 & 2 Funders.

Public Release [mid 2019] General industry public release of the DSA Roadmap report was deferred till mid 2019. This is the first opportunity for non JIP funders to read and acquire insight from the DSA Roadmap report.

JIP 1 Funding

Shell, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Total, NOV, Houston Mechatronics, TDE Petroleum Data Solutions, Huisman Equipment, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Aramco, Halliburton were the launch sponsors of this JIP.  This Stage I report provided the dJIP 1 funders an early opportunity to evaluate their role in delivering  value in drilling systems automation. Funding companies attended a presentation of the report highlights with a facilitated expert discussion elaborating on the content of the report on April 6th 2017 in Houston Texas.

JIP 2 Funding

Pioneer Natural ResourcesEnergisticsNOV(repeat funder), BakerHughesGE, SiemensDevonMaersk DrillingTransoceanThe Oil and Gas Technology CenterShell (repeat funder), Halliburton, ChevronBP