Need for a Roadmap

Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) is a fast emerging technology now recognized as a game changer in oil and gas drilling operations.

The key reason the drilling industry lags other industries in applying automation is that while many see it as inevitable, no consensus exists as to how to achieve DSA. This roadmap provides a mechanism to forecast technology developments, provide a framework to help plan and coordinate technology developments among disparate players, and to enable contributions from different industries.

The need for an industry roadmap is compelling. The well drilling and completion industry is highly fragmented and will require structure to enable the interoperability necessary to deliver functioning automated and autonomous systems. The roadmap will provide definition of supplier opportunities so that they can develop applicable products and services. A transformation of this scale across our industry requires consensus on how DSA will develop and must attract the requisite levels of investment. Entry of non-oil and gas industry players will enable the industry to access alternative skills and advanced technologies that are necessary for accelerating successful adoption. Fear of technology and personnel change is significant but can be overcome through a clearly communicated comprehensive way forward.

This Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Industry Initiative, launched in 2013 as an all volunteer organization and later converted to a Joint Industry Project (JIP), has created a DSA Roadmap Report to communicate the current state and expected development of Drilling Systems Automation (DSA) through 2025.