Joint Industry Project: JIP 1 funded / JIP 2 open for funding

JIP 1 (closed to funding) The Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap initiative successfully obtained Joint Industry Project (JIP) funding to accelerate delivery of its first major report. The initial funding round (JIP 1) achieved the funding target and the draft report was presented to funding companies at a funders workshop on April 6th 2017. JIP 2 is now open to additional funders whose contribution will be budgeted to support the update of the roadmap report, the planning and facilitation of the industry workshop (January 2018). Release of the DSA Roadmap report to the public will be after the industry workshop sometime first half 2018.

JIP 2 (open for funding) The second Joint Industry Project (JIP 2) is now open to funders whose contribution will be budgeted to support the update of the roadmap report, the planning and facilitation of the industry workshop (January 2018). JIP 2 funders will be immediately granted access to the DSA Roadmap report for company wide use well in advance of the planned industry workshop and far in advance of the public release (subject to early funding date).

Industry Workshop [January 17 & 18 2018 – Houston, Texas] This industry workshop is being planned as the first full industry review / feedback on the DSA Roadmap report. This workshop will incorporate break out sessions for participants to become actively involved in discussions and debates on sections of the roadmap providing inout to update to the Stage II report for general release.Participants will be limited to individual use and not company use of the copy of the DSA Roadmap report released to them.

General Release [First half 2018] General industry release of the DSA Roadmap report is deferred until after the industry workshop sometime first half 2018 to enable JIP 1, JIP 2 funding companies have the opportunity to gain early value from their support.

To date, significant progress and insights into the drilling systems automation roadmap have been achieved with an all volunteer organization. Since the industry is demanding this roadmap as guidance for many company initiatives, this JIP will accelerate the release from 2018 /19 to early 2018. This acceleration comes at a challenging time for the industry, when innovation in drilling automation can lead to dividends.

JIP 2 Funding

Pioneer Natural Resources have funded JIP 2.

Energistics have funded JIP 2 and becomes an affiliate to the DSA Roadmap Industry Initiative.

NOV have funded JIP 2 so becoming both a JIP 1 and JIP 2 funder.

BakerHughesGE is processing an invoice to become a funder of JIP 2.

JIP 1 Funding

Shell, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company, Total, NOV, Houston Mechatronics, TDE Petroleum Data Solutions, Huisman Equipment, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Aramco, Halliburton were the launch sponsors of this JIP.  This Stage I report provided the drilling industry an early opportunity to evaluate their role in delivering  value in drilling systems automation prior to development and implementation. Funding companies attended a presentation of the report highlights with a facilitated expert discussion elaborating on the content of the report on April 6th 2017 in Houston Texas.

DEC Proposal – Drilling Systems Automation Roadmap Development Final 160710

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