This first of a kind workshop in the drilling industry is everyones opportuntiy to interactively debate the DSA Report and provide input to the version released to the industry.

IADC DSA Roadmap Industry Workshop – Industry review and debate

  • Date: January 17 and 18, 2018
  • Location: Norris Center, Houston, Texas, USA
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Workshop Steering Committee

John de Wardt, DE WARDT AND CO, Program Manager DSA Roadmap, Chair / Moderator
Robin Macmillan, NOV, IADC ART Chairman, Drilling Machines and Equipment
John Macpherson, BakerHughes, Instrument Measurement Systems
Amanda DiFiore, AMD Consulting, Human Systems Integration
Moray Laing, SAS, SPE DSATS Chairman, Communications
Blaine Dow, Schlumberger, Modelling and Simulation
Mark Anderson, Shell, Standards & Certification
Ben Facker, NOV, Controls
Hani Ibrahim, Consultant
Mike Killalea, IADC

Schedule (draft)

  • History of the DSA Roadmap
  • Vision and Needs: Drilling Systems Automation & DSA Roadmap
  • Current State / Future State for DSA
  • Systems Architecture: an introduction to architecture, states and decision control framework (presentations and work groups)
  • Communications, IMS and Drilling Machines / Equipment: an introduction to these challenges (presentations and work groups)
  • Control Systems, Modeling and simulation, Human Systems Integration: an introduction to these challenges (presentations and work groups)
  • DSA Value Proposition
  • DSA Roadmap review and way forward